Saraswati International School

School Code - 46665
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi Affiliation No. 830979

A Word to the Parent

  1. Consult with the concerned teacher /staff in case of any doubt.
  2. Check your child’s individual record every day.
  3. Teacher’s remarks should be noted and signed.
  4. Inquire about your children with the concerned teacher at least once a month
  5. Please check that your children do their homework regularly.
  6. Re-Examination shall not be given to any student under any circumstances.
  7. Fees should be paid as per the fee schedule.
  8. No student will be allowed per the fee schedule.
  9. Send your children regularly in time .parents should take care of their children in their discipline
  10. Acknowledge and respond by signing regularly all circulars and progress report sent by the school .Failure to do this will cause unnecessary inconvenience to the child.
  11. See to it that your child is punctual and regular to school. Regular late coming will be considered as a serious fault.
  12. Infectious disease of your child or any other member in your home must be notified to the principal or the class teachers at once and the child should be kept at home .as long as the danger of infection exits to prevent other children from getting infected.
  13. Parents /Guardians are not permitted to meet the students and teachers during class hours.
  14. The written permission of the principal is required for such a meeting in case of any emergency.